Zizo Art Studio organizes an art exhibition

The exhibition was also designed to rally support for the empowerment of women given their important role in caregiving and other societal developments.

The event, held in honor of African women, was held at a local restaurant in Senegambia.

However, the theme of this year’s exhibition is “Musoor, showcase of African women’s pride”.

“Visual art is a fundamental component of human experience reflecting the world and times in which we live. Art can help us understand the history, culture, lives and experiences of others in ‘in a way that cannot be achieved by other means.”

It also teaches learners color, layout, perspective and balance: all the techniques needed for presentations (visual, digital) of academic work.

The artist uses this work to defend women’s rights. He displayed plea words on the portrait such as “Stop violence against women, no to gender based violence, no to rape, love shouldn’t hurt and other plea statements.

In his statement, Mr. Zoker Zoker said that he featured the portrait of the African woman in his exhibit because of his love and appreciation for women, especially the African woman.

“I’m excited to put something valuable in the minds of people who use the visual arts.”

Zoker expressed his gratitude to the National Arts and Culture Center (NCAC) for supporting him in his fight to transform the arts industry.

“The future of the art industry is clear and bright in this country.” he assured.

Speaking on behalf of the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Hassoum Ceesay, director of NACA, praised Mr Zoker for venturing into the creative arts industry, saying the company could play a crucial role in the development of the tourism industry and The Gambia as a whole. .

“I urge you to maintain the momentum to ensure sustainable development in the creative arts industry,” he said.

DG Ceesay assured that the Gambian government, through the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, will continue to support those who have ventured into the creative arts industry.

Milton Kamanda, an actor who also chaired the event, called on everyone to support the young artist to be able to market his talents to contribute to national development through the art industry.

He advised all young people working in the to take their various professions seriously.

This sector, he said, will play a central role in national development.

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