Veteran helping others with mobile art studio

(WGHP) – With gas prices set to hit record highs, Jessica Rambo is about to hit the road.

Rambo – yes, that’s really his name – is not an army special forces soldier like the character played by Sylvester Stallone in the movies. But she’s a veteran with more than a decade in the Marine Corps.

And after enduring extremely difficult times, she discovered that creating art was essential to her recovery.

“When you focus on one thing, you don’t think about all the other craziness in your life,” Jessica said.

So she started a non-profit organization to bring this idea to others and has provided over 200 buckets of art supplies to vets through the work she does on her old school bus which acts as a moving part. from the Painted Buffalo Traveling Studio.

She’s since gotten a new bus and is about to embark on another adventure to bring art therapy to any veteran she can find, but finances are on her mind.

“When we hit the road (the first time) COVID also happened so it was either donating to a non-profit or feeding their families because they lost their jobs, we So we certainly struggled on the funding aspect, but I’m determined and stubborn. And I’m a Marine, so we’re going to make that happen any way we can,” Jessica said.

For Jessica, it has become a vocation. She is currently finishing up modifications to her new school bus so that she, her 11-year-old son Liam, their two dogs and a cat can begin their latest adventure, even though not everyone she knows really understands what they do.

Check out the new bus and Jessica offering art therapy in this edition of The Buckley Report.

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