The Poulsbo Paint Company hosts the Saturday Art Market

Glenn Prosser hosts an arts and crafts market in Poulsbo every Saturday morning in his company’s large car park to showcase local artists.

“I have a big parking lot that does nothing and I’m into art,” he said. “It would be similar to Poulsbo Farmer’s Market, but I want to focus primarily on arts and crafts.”

Owner of Prosser Painting & Construction, he moved his business from Foss Road to the more central Viking Avenue in November.

The arts and crafts market started this month and runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Prosser said it was starting to garner consistent interest, especially since it offered free booth space to artists. One of the artists is Prosser himself, who said he recently returned to metal sculptures and abstract paintings after a long hiatus. In addition, he wants to include an art gallery in his business office.

“I have a number of pieces on the premises here,” he said. “Around 1987, I was going to move to California to become a professional artist, and it didn’t work out. I gave up on art until a few years ago.

Aside from the market, Prosser said the new space has a lot more room than before, allowing them to get a larger powder coating oven and increase capabilities for painting, installing terrace and renovation of the house. He said the company will start making custom neon signs for personal and business use.

His company has been around since 1993 and serves all of Kitsap County. It offers painting, installing and repairing decks, staining and finishing decks, interior and exterior home renovations and powder coating.

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