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NAC Indigenous Theater Indigenous Art Market is back for its first in-person event since December 2019! This year’s market, taking place June 12 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., features a wide selection of quality artwork from some of the finest First Nations, Métis and Inuit artisans. Browse works by over 35 Indigenous artists in this free art market and chat with local artists.

2019 NAC Indigenous Art Market, photo provided.

The NAC Aboriginal Theater will also have a booth at the event to talk about upcoming shows in the season. “Did you know that the first Aboriginal Art Market at the NAC was organized BEFORE the official launch of the department? It was created and organized in December 2018 by Mairi Brascoupe (Indigenous Cultural Resident, Indigenous Theatre), Lindsay Lachance, (Artistic Associate, Indigenous Theatre), with the help of Amanda Baumgarten (Associate Producer, Popular Music and Variety)” , says the NAC .

Asked about the origin of the art market, co-founder Mairi says: “We wanted to find ways to invite the local indigenous community into the building and make the space a welcoming environment in which indigenous people feel comfortable to enter. Lindsay and I knew a lot of great artists in the community. We wanted to support them by creating an event that would celebrate them and present incredible Indigenous works to NAC audiences, even before there was anything from our department on the stages.

2019 NAC Indigenous Art Market, photo provided.

Organizing an art market in a space known for theater has a connection to traditional powwows, explains Mairi: “We were inspired by all the powwows we went to in the summer. [of 2018]. We went out to get to know the communities and let them know that Indigenous Theater would be launched at the NAC in the coming year. Powwows are the quintessential Aboriginal community event. People get together, see friends and family, celebrate culture, dance, explore new artists and return to old favorites. We wanted to bring that energy into the building.

The art market has become a crucial means of making the formidable NAC building more accessible, says Mairi: “Art markets are transformational. The NAC building can be intimidating. People in our community have told us time and time again that the NAC is not a space for them. The Art Markets change that. It becomes an Indigenous space, filled with Indigenous art and Indigenous people see friends, shop at their favorite artists, laugh, smile and make this space their own. Supporting the artists in our community and building relationships and trust with the Indigenous peoples who enter our building is important to me. It also helps Indigenous theater spread the word about all the other great work we do in the building and on our stages.

The 2022 Summer Indigenous Art Market is hosted at the O’Brien Atrium on June 12 and no ticket is required for entry.

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