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Collectors have an ethical responsibility to keep the art market fair. Here are 8 key rules to hold them accountable

Over the centuries, collectors have played a positive role in supporting artists and artistic ecosystems. At the same time, we have also all heard – and often personally witnessed – horror stories about unethical collectors. You know those. The collector on the board of a museum who hears about an exhibition that is not yet […]

Londoner’s Diary: The British Museum defends its entry into the digital art market

J he British Museum has defended its decision to enter the NFT market after a scathing attack from an art expert. Last week, expert Bendor Grosvenor wrote in The Art Newspaper that the museum is “depreciating” by entering the NFT market, giving “cultural validity to meaningless reproductions”. Grosvenor argued that the museum could “live to […]

The Week on TV: Pam & Tommy; The Forbidden Art of Mary Beard; station eleven; Race and Medical Experiments: What’s the Truth? | Drama

Pam &Tommy (Disney+)The Forbidden Art of Mary Beard (BBC Two) | iPlayerstation eleven (Starzplay)Racial and medical experiments: what is it? the truth? (Channel 4) | All 4 It’s weird to think of the Disney+ series Pam &Tommy like a period piece, but since it’s set in the 1990s, that’s what it is. Based on a […]

US study finds additional art market regulation not needed now

Responding to concerns that the art market has become a breeding ground for illicit financial transactions, the Treasury Department released a study on Friday that says that while it has identified some vulnerabilities, it does not recommend immediate intervention. government to put in place new regulations. The study cited evidence of money laundering using high-end […]

Belgrade Art Studio Residence ONLINE | ArtsHub United Kingdom

Online artist residency covers make a lot of sense these days. Whether you’re the performer or the viewer, there are positives associated with its expansive and instantaneous capabilities. Belgrade Art Studio Residency will select artists from various mediums from around the world to participate in a 4-week online residency. Selected artists will create artwork that […]

Crypto Moguls Help Drive Global Art Market To All-Time Highs In 2021 | The art market

The global art market has reached record highs in 2021, with billions of dollars paid for works by Impressionist, post-war and contemporary artists, and much of it purchased by people whose wealth comes from cryptocurrencies or other technologies. Over $2.6bn (£2bn) of art was sold in two weeks by major New York auction houses in […]

Francis spoke of the explosion of the contemporary art market and his “peephole” career going from artist to auction manager

You have been active as an artist and curator; you had a theoretical and artistic training Historical context. Wasn’t going to an auction house problematic? Many artists, art historians, art critics don’t like auction houses because the evaluation goes through the money. There was that old conflict between art and money, already Pliny in the […]

The art market has changed dramatically. Here’s how to buy art today

Written by Jacqui Palumbo, CNN For a long time, the art market has been “a secret world of whispers,” according to art consultant Kim Heirston, who began her career working in galleries in downtown New York three decades ago. Then, as the archivist of the late gallery owner Robert Miller, she saved and shared only […]

Why does the art market continue to prosper? Thank “the men of monuments”! – Manila Bulletin

In search of the rare and the beautiful, and the magnificently rare By Ramon ES Lerma ArtSpeak Ramon ES Lerma There is a cloak of mystery that envelops the fascinating world of art, where objects made of paint, canvas, wood, paper or sometimes even pieces of metal or found objects are transformed into objects of […]

STEP sparks excitement with new thrift store and art studio in Southgate – The News Herald

Services to Enhance Potential is dramatically increasing its downstream visibility, recently opening both a new thrift store and art studio at Southgate Shopping Center. Groundbreaking events were held on November 12 for the STEP Thrift Store and Donation Center, as well as its Progressive Art Studio Collective, located next to each other at 13705 and […]

Auction houses present rare works to interest the passionate art market

Yayoi Kusama’s “Pumpkin” (Seoul Auction) Major Korean auction houses are hoping to continue the sales success they have enjoyed this year in a market buoyed by the popularity of art as an outlet for investment. Two auctions will put up works worth more than 10 billion won ($8.5 million) at upcoming events, featuring rare pieces. […]

Magnus Resch’s online art market courses inspire a new generation of collectors

Navigating the art market can often feel like stepping through a maze that by design only a privileged few have a map. Magnus Resch — art market economist, professor at Yale, serial entrepreneur, and best-selling author of six art market books, including the recent How to become a successful artist (2021) – aims to change […]

Washougal is inaugurating its first Holiday Art Market this weekend

The Washougal Studio Artists Tour is so popular that the organizers have decided that they can no longer limit it to once a year. The Washougal Studio Artists Tour’s first Holiday Art Market will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday November 13 and Sunday November 14 at various locations in Washougal. […]

Exactly how much has the art market rebounded since 2020 and what is driving its growth? We calculated the numbers

This time last year, the art market was emerging from a deep hole. In the first half of 2020, as the world shut down and trade came to a screeching halt, fine art auctions fell more than 50% to $3.3 billion, the lowest total in over a decade. But just as the broader economy has […]

Covered Bridge Art Studio Tour in Ozaukee, Washington Counties

The Cedarburg Artists Guild will continue to celebrate its 40th anniversary with its annual Covered Bridge Art Studio Tour October 8-10. Event attendees can visit 50 guild members at 34 studios in Ozaukee and Washington counties to purchase artwork, watch them work, and learn about their creative process. The self-guided event is free and does […]

Downtown Cumming signs second lease with owners of music and arts studio

Cumming City Center, a new mixed-use development overlooking Sawnee Mountain, welcomed the second company officially joining the complex. “The City of Cumming has always been very family-oriented, whether it’s in the different types of activities presented at Cumming Fairgrounds each year, or in the warm customer service provided daily by our city employees,” said Mayor […]

Dingman Point Open Art Studio Tour is scheduled for July 31 to August 1 | arts and entertainment

ALEXANDRIA BAY — The 24th Annual Dingman Point Open Art Studio Tour will take place on Saturday, July 31 and Sunday, August 1. Guests are invited to meet the artists and visit their galleries, studios and workshops. Art will include paintings, ceramics, sculptures and decoys. There will be an art raffle in each studio at […]

Chickasaw Artist Featured in Artesian’s Online Art Market to Be Honored by Wilson Historical Society | Local News

WILSON, Okla. – Renowned Chickasaw painter and sculptor Lance Straughn – one of many artists featuring work at the Artesian online art market – will be honored by the Wilson Historical Society on September 18. A dinner and special presentation of the Jim Miller Arts and Culture Award will take place in the southern Oklahoma […]

Opening of a new art studio and art gallery at Queens’ MarketPlace

Natasha Bourlin’s Story Hawaii Fluid Art is the newest addition to Queens’ MarketPlace in Waikoloa. Photo courtesy of Hawaii Fluid Art Queens’ MarketPlace welcomed a new retail concept focused on creativity when Hawaii Fluid Art opened on May 1, 2021. A dual-purpose space, the boutique invites students to tap into their inner artist while finding […]

How the Chinese Art Market Adopted NFTs

Despite China’s readiness for new technologies, which encompass the ubiquitous use of QR code, mobile payment and live streaming, cryptocurrencies remain a gray area in China’s regulatory environment. In 2017, China ruled crypto-based fundraising processes involving initial coin offerings (or ICOs) illegal, and crypto-related businesses have been tiptoeing ever since. But in the first months […]

Can the London art market rebound?

Excerpt from the May 2021 issue of Apollo. Preview and subscribe here. With fairs canceled and galleries closed over the past year, London’s art market is a shadow of its former self. Will the city experience high attendance again, or are virtual viewings and dwindling sales here to stay? Below, art dealers Stephen Ongpin and […]

Illinois Art Station: New Program Inspires Children Through Art – News

It was a word. But that was enough. The setting was on a Friday morning last fall in Milestones Early Learning Center in Bloomington. The place of autism (TAP) ran its half-day program for preschoolers and hosted two Illinois Art Station (IAS) educators through a collaboration between the two Illinois State University affiliates. One of […]

Artistic careers for artists who want to go beyond the studio

Photo: Rachael Gorjestani When you’ve attended art school or even decided to pursue a career in the arts, it’s easy to get locked into just one type of job. But earning a living as a painter, sculptor or installation artist through the traditional gallery system is not the right choice for everyone. Fortunately, as a […]

Art Studio helps adults with disabilities turn their passion into a career: NPR Ed: NPR

Jamila Rahimi works at Art Enables on a Monday afternoon. Rahimi, who has worked at the studio since 2006, creates the structure of his drawings with a permanent marker before adding color. Becky Harlan/NPR hide caption toggle caption Becky Harlan/NPR Jamila Rahimi works at Art Enables on a Monday afternoon. Rahimi, who has worked at […]

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