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Art lovers followed the Yellow Brick Road on Sebastian’s 10th Annual Art Studio Tour, not to seek out Oz, but to visit seven local art studios where they saw the works of 10 artists from Sebastian’s region.

This year’s event was dedicated to the memory of longtime local artist Sharon Morgan, who passed away suddenly in 2020, leaving a lasting impression on the art community she loved.

Morgan had co-founded the tour with multimedia artist Mary Segal to raise awareness of the quality of art in Sebastian, while encouraging artists to share their creative processes with like-minded people.

Among the studios on the self-guided tour was that of Richard Gillmor, who dabbles in acrylics, oils, and sculpture and gravitates to Florida flora and waterways as his muse.

In Michele Loftus-Trzcinski’s studio, the professional photographer and photo restorer talked shop with passers-by, reminiscing about the days of darkrooms. The multi-talented artist also creates on canvas using acrylic, oil, pen, ink and graphite.

Donna Ware, a master naturalist who showcases her love of nature through her art, displayed her lovely watercolors on the lawn of Trzcinski’s home.

A colorful explosion of art has escaped from Shelia Lougheed’s home, where she and teammate Suze Lavender work. Invigorated by the steady stream of visitors, Lougheed, a mixed media/oil artist, said she loved the feedback they offered.

The energy between the duo was palpable, making it easy to see how Lavender is able to express her emotions through acrylics and oils.

Oil painter Lana McConnell’s workspace spans from her garage to the back porch and into a studio, depending on her mood. She said her favorite place to paint, however, is outside on the screened porch, immersed in nature.

Although Geoffrey Myers is currently renovating his home and studio, he was more than happy to have guests visit his backyard studio – where all the magic happens – to view the paintings and sculptures he creates.

In Stouthouse, art lovers walked through the house built by the late Weldon J. Stout to admire its stained glass windows and oil paintings, as well as the artistic creations of his wife Quentin Walter and the 100 works of art that compose their Seth Thelonious. Alvin Foster Art Collection.

Candida Rodriguez, the current artist-in-residence at Stouthouse, welcomed guests into the studio where, she said, working among the trees was truly inspirational and allowed her to focus on her art .

The eclectic designs from Roy Woodall’s studio in the forest, where he also works on antique art and restoration, are a mix of medium with a decidedly Florida-centric flair.

Creative colleagues and art enthusiasts posed questions to the artists at each stop about technique, inspiration, mediums and more, with many being so impressed they took the opportunity to purchase pieces at add to their own collections.

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