Saginaw Public High School New Concepts Introduce STEAM Lab, Art Studio, and More

SAGINAW, MI – Saginaw Public Schools unveiled updated concept art for its new high school building project during its meeting on Wednesday, December 8.

Designers working for the neighborhood showcased their progress in shaping the five-story building, including several specialist spaces such as a STEAM lab, special education and life skills suite, art studio and more. The presentation included updated renderings of the exterior of the building as well as a first look at the sports complex which is planned for the former site of the recently demolished grain elevator.

Residents of Saginaw voted in November 2020 to approve a $ 100 million bond project for the district, the funds from which it will use to build a new comprehensive high school on the site of the Academy of Arts and Sciences. by Saginaw. The facility will serve students typically enrolled in Arthur Hill High School and Saginaw High School.

The Arthur Hill building will become the new site for SASA and Saginaw High School will be converted into a new middle school. The new Handley building, with the new SASA, will create a “gifted” campus on the Arthur Hill site.

In the latest designs of the new high school, the STEAM Lab is located primarily on the fourth floor with a mezzanine space on the fifth. It will include a mechatronics lab, a wood and metal fabrication lab, a design studio and more. The labs will be outfitted with brand new equipment paid for using bond funds, Superintendent Ramont Roberts said at Wednesday’s meeting.

Board members suggested changes and adjustments throughout the meeting, but expressed positivity about the progress of the project, with trustee Janet Nash calling the new renderings of the exterior of the building ” superb ”.

The board of directors unanimously approved the designs.

“I would just like to congratulate the architects for the work they did in designing the new high school,” Nash said.

“I can’t wait to see – for the college, Handley and the new SASA building – how these take shape as well, and I hope they are as beautiful and as inspiring for the work our students will do as this new high school. seems to be.

The project is currently in the “construction documents” stage of its work plan, during which architects finalize drawings and decisions and prepare their documents for state and contractors’ review, according to the presentation. This phase, the fourth of six outlined in the presentation, is expected to last until March 2022 and will be followed by tenders and contract award in April and May, then culminate in the final stage of administration of construction from June 2022 to September 2023..

The district plans to send out polls asking for the name, color and mascot preferences for the new high school and college, Roberts said. The survey for the college is expected to be sent to students first on Tuesday, December 21, followed by a public forum that evening and broadcast to the wider community the next day, he said.

The full presentation, including renderings, maps and notes, can be viewed here.

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