Sage Art Market returns for the 7th year | Culture & Leisure

AAlthough last year the Arizona Sage Art Market was scaled down and expanded at the Holland Center, a new format has evolved that changes the way it will operate in the future.

As social distancing measures forced events to have more between them, the Arizona Sage Art Market operated its vendors inside and outside Holland Center.

“Last year was the first year we did an indoor/outdoor hybrid where we significantly spaced out and limited the number of tables indoors and moved a good number outside,” said said Jennifer Rosvall, the center’s executive director. “It was smaller than we had hoped, but everyone loved it and we thought ‘let’s try it again this year and see how it goes.’ At the moment, we are very interested in it.”

Nearly 50 vendors were judged and agreed to sell and display their crafts at the two-day event next Friday and Saturday, March 18-19.

“There are so many sellers who have absolutely loved it because of the pandemic and being outdoors,” Rosvall said.

Additionally, most of the artists in attendance will be exhibiting and selling their art for the first time at the Sage Art Market.

“The great thing is we have so many new artists, which I love,” Rosvall said. “Over seven years we’ve had a lot of the same artists coming back, but this year we’ve seen a huge number of new artists.”

It is partly because of the first winter craft market the Holland Center hosted alongside the Sonoran Arts League in December which exposed Rosvall to a group of over 600 artists.

“It brought us a new interest and opened it up to people who didn’t know we were there,” Rosvall explained.

Although there has been a spike in interest from new artists, the show is juried and therefore has parameters in place to ensure the art is original and uniquely created.

“You go home with an original or numbered and signed limited edition piece,” Rosvall said.

In addition to owning a one-of-a-kind work of art, Rosvall pointed out the impact that customers who purchase art from the Arizona Sage Art Marketplace have on the local economy.

“It’s really important to us as we go through the pandemic that we as community members support our local artists and businesses because they don’t have the support of a bigger business behind them. or that they have their own financial burdens,” she said. said.

With a wide range of beautiful and unique artwork to choose from, perhaps the most unique part of the process is the verification.

“We have set high expectations in the app, but the special thing about Sage Art Market is that we do a general checkout where volunteers fill out paperwork and go to a checkout room where customers can pay at the same time,” Rosvall said.

“It offers artists who don’t usually sell at shows and like to go out once a year to be with people and sell their pieces.”

Whether people are buying a work of art at the market or watching the vendors displaying themselves inside and outside, Rosvall hopes the event will help artists reach new audiences and showcase some hidden gems. .

“Holland Centre’s mission is to foster arts, education and community service in our community,” she said. “We want to bring in artists who are up-and-coming, who are a hidden gem, or who aren’t ready to step up to a bigger show yet. I like the fact that it’s a market for all artists.

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