Rosa Bonheur Google Doodle celebrates the artist who inspired women for artistic careers

Google, in its most recent doodle, celebrates the 200th birthday of renowned French artist Rosa Bonheur, whose successful career in the arts has inspired future generations of women.


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The doodle shows Happiness painting a flock of sheep on bright green pasture on a blue spring day. The doodle recalls the artistic style adopted by Bonheur in his paintings.

According to the official version shared by Google, Bonheur was born in 1882, in Bordeaux, France. Her interest in pursuing a career in art came at a time when it was considered unconventional for women. She received her previous artistic training from her father, who was himself a minor landscape painter.

Bonheur will follow the evolution of artistic traditions closely, studying them carefully for years and preparing his own sketches before putting them on canvas forever.

She was known for her animal paintings and sculptures and her popularity grew in the 1840s with her work exhibited at the prestigious Paris Salon from 1841 to 1853.

rosa happiness
Wikimedia Commons

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Scholars believe that an 1849 exhibition on “Labour en Nivernais” – a government commission now part of the National Museum of the Château de Fontainebleau in France – brought her into the limelight, establishing her professional career.

She further received international acclaim for her painting, “The Horse Fair”, which showed the horse market held in Paris. This painting remains on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York today and is considered his best-known work.

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