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Barb Crosbie’s “lovebirds” are mounted on wood found on local hikes and each has a story.

Earth in Art Pottery is a true representation of who its creator, Barb Crosbie, is as an artist. Since returning to Utah last year, the nature-inspired ceramicist’s business has flourished with more eco-friendly handmade product lines and an abundance of classes for kids, couples and kids. the individuals.

“This past year has been an exciting transition to Ogden,” Crosbie said. “I am so grateful for the support the community of Ogden has given my small pottery business, especially the interest in classes to learn the art of clay.”

Crosbie’s work reflects her background as a biologist and an avid outdoorsman. Shells, bark, leaves, seeds and wood fragments that she collects on hikes often embellish her clay pieces that she has been developing over the past year, including pots of goddess, functional pottery, a line of carved species and lovebirds.

“The lovebirds I create integrate my love of hiking and collecting with my fascination with birds and their social behavior,” she said. “The pieces of wood these gentle birds are riding on can be found on local hikes and each has a story.”

Crosbie believes that handmade art can be beautiful and practical. A functional line of water and wood pottery is made from food and kitchen safe materials, with most pieces sourced from reclaimed clay in accordance with the recycling program Crosbie uses in his studio at the Monarch.

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The Earth in Art line of water and wood pottery is created using reclaimed clay and environmentally responsible practices.

When she’s not sitting at the potter’s wheel or venturing outdoors, Crosbie spends her time sharing the art of clay with others. She said teaching in her studio at The Monarch provides access to other amazing artists and provides a “soft space” for personalized lessons. His classes are limited to four students.

Without a doubt, Crosbie said, the pottery night experience is the favorite. In the classroom, two people enjoy a two-hour session to learn how to build by hand with clay and even try throwing on a potter’s wheel. Then Crosbie takes care of the rest: trimming the jars, managing the drying process, baking and glazing.

“Some attendees loved it so much they signed up for a series of beginner classes,” she said.

Adult classes start over every month with a three-part beginner series and weekly advanced classes. Children and adolescents are part of a regular teaching schedule.

“Kids are a delight to teach and I appreciate their uninhibited spirit and endless creativity,” Crosbie said.

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Ogden-based ceramicist Barb Crosbie hand-constructs pieces of clay that represent her love for the natural world.

Classes for children are offered for blocks of six weeks and will resume in March.

The next couples class, “Share the Love,” will take place February 26 from 1 to 3 p.m. inside the Sage Art Studio at the Monarch. Participants will make an original tray, bowl or plate at the pottery workshop, an experience designed “to be shared with someone you love”.

Earth in Art also offers gift certificates for all the different courses offered.

Check out the full list of March classes at earthinartpottery.com.

Barb Crosbie shares her love of clay by teaching others how to create original pieces in a variety of classes in her studio at The Monarch.


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