• Envisioned by TalkTV Executive Director Erron Gordon, designed by multi-Emmy award-winning designer Jim Fenhagen
  • 360-degree studio design features state-of-the-art LED screen technology for launching shows on TalkTV in the UK, FOX Nation in the US and Sky News Australia

News UK today reveals details of the new state-of-the-art studios for Piers Morgan uncensoredthe week’s flagship show launched on TalkTV at 8 p.m. on Monday, April 25.

The studios were created within the Ealing Broadcast Center, from where Piers Morgan Uncensored will be broadcast live. The studio concept was developed by TalkTV’s award-winning executive director Erron Gordonformer launch director for Good Morning Britain and Peston on ITV.

The design of the studio was carried out by award-winning cartoonist Jim Fenhagen, whose previous work in the UK includes Good Morning Britain (2014 and 2018), Sky News Center (2005) and Channel 5 News (2005). In the United States, Jim has designed sets for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (CBS), The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Comedy Central) and Fox News Studios. He also designed the Channel 7 Sunrise studios in Australia.

The new studio creates a versatile 360-degree environment to enable shooting from all angles. The set features a state-of-the-art LED arch, never before seen on a UK TV news programme.

Executive Director of TalkTV Erron Gordon said, “I started with an absolutely blank canvas in terms of studio space – with the simple vision of creating something as unique as the show itself. Knowing that Piers Morgan Uncensored will air on three continents, we have created a truly state-of-the-art environment containing unique design elements that have yet to be seen on UK newscasts.

The environment also contains a fully automated LED lighting kit and state-of-the-art track lighting system developed by Emmy-winning lighting designer Deke Hazirjian of New York City Lites with instruments and lighting programming by B360 and LED screens supplied by JL Lighting.

Erron added, “Using the LED screens and lighting, the studio environment can be transformed from the Piers Morgan Uncensored look to any other environment; we will use this collaboration with Piers to create special event programming. The space is particularly flexible.

The construction of the whole is done by Scott Flearywho have been responsible for building some of British television’s most recognizable sets, including: Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice and The Masked Singer.

Meanwhile, new studio space has also been created at the News UK headquarters in London Bridge, The news building. Two new multipurpose television studios will house The news deskthe prime-time news program hosted by an award-winning journalist and broadcaster Tom Newton Dunn. Evening talk show The speechwith Sharon Osbournewill also broadcast from The News Building, along with hourly and half-hourly news and weather reports.

Both studios are equipped with state-of-the-art versatile VR and AR technology using Brainstorm and Chyron, allowing the production team to provide a greater sense of space and creative versatility. The design was provided by MOOV, industry leaders in virtual sets who have created bespoke VR and AR content for BBC Sport and BT Sport. Additional elements of the hard set were designed by Jim Fenhagen.

Erron said, “One of the main design considerations for these studios was to make them as real as possible. Our sets aim to create a realistic backdrop to host content from some of the country’s top journalists. We never want to distract from the storytelling, so we use the virtual environment to help create an authentic space to tell those stories.

TalkTV’s daytime program at launch will carry TV shows from News UK’s fast-growing news and opinion brand TalkRadio. Media powerhousevisualized radio studio specialists built new sets designed by Jim Fenhagen, in conjunction with the TalkRadio program director Dennie Morris.

Dennie Morris said: “We have added movement to the video wall in our main studio, aligning it with the visual experience of our bespoke TV studios. Along with that, we made sure the cameras got the best shots of the studio guests. This is visualized radio at its finest; it feels at home on TV while maintaining the unique look and feel of a radio studio environment.

TalkTV will air at 7pm on Monday 25th April with the UK launch of Talk TV on linear TV platforms Sky Channel 526, Blank Media Channel 627, Freeview Channel 237 and Freesat Channel 217. TalkTV will also be broadcast via Amazon FireTV, AppleTV, Samsung TV Plus and on Youtubeas well as through the Talk.TV TalkTV iOS and Android website and apps. TalkTV will also be available via Facebook, instagram, ICT Tac, Snapchat and Twitter.

Everyone in the UK will be able to access TalkTV and its programming, live or on demand, on their TV or any personal device. The channel will be broadcast live and widely available across all platforms, including linear TV and OTT, with content available on social media as well as News UK’s vast inventory of websites and apps.

News UK continues to hire outstanding new talent to join a prime-time evening line-up with further announcements in the coming weeks.

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