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Us and Art offers classes as well as art experiences and adventures in Pleasant Grove.

Courtesy of us and art

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Us and Art offers classes as well as art experiences and adventures in Pleasant Grove.

Courtesy of us and art

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Emily Hammerstad stands outside her new art studio in Pleasant Grove.

Courtesy of us and art

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For a new art studio in Pleasant Grove, the focus is on creativity, not the end product. Us and Art, 44 S. Main St., which opened five weeks ago, is located in the city’s historic downtown area and offers art classes, one-time classes, special events and artistic adventures.

“It’s an art studio for all ages. We have nine-week courses in the summer and 12 weeks in the fall. We have day camps and date nights,” owner Emily Hammerstad said. The date nights are themed, like 80s Night or Queen’s Tea and the classes are for all ages, ‘Mommy and Me’ classes which are designed for children from 18 months to 108 years old, she said .

“We are also teaming up with the chocolate factory next door to host an edible paint party. They have a canvas that is an actual candy bar and they paint with edible paints and they paint a masterpiece and then they can eat it,” Hammerstad said. “Saturday is usually a couple’s or girls’ night out. Fridays are our family themed nights, like a dad-daughter date or the whole family.

Customers can also take part in one of the store’s artistic adventures. Participants step out with studio instructors to a different location, whether it’s a hike to a waterfall or to a park. They carry pochade boxes containing paint, drawing utensils, a canvas and a portable easel. The boxes are provided by the studio. The creation of art is integrated into the outdoor experience.

“All of our activities focus on creativity rather than technique. We want to focus on this skill and it’s normal to make mistakes. You’re just there to connect with the piece and have fun,” Hammerstad said.

One of the biggest changes Hammerstad sees in his students is confidence. “Some come in and are so nervous and barely talk to us. By the end, they’re chatting and connecting with all the students. We keep the classes smaller to maintain that human-to-human connection,” she said.

Before opening Us and Art, Hammerstad ran a studio out of her home for years, what she called a fun side project. “But, I was getting waiting lists and eventually I even had people looking for jobs. University graduates contacted me and wanted to come and work for me,” she said. “I recognized that there was a need in our community to have more access to the use of creativity.”

Hammerstad said she didn’t have an art degree, but was extremely passionate about creativity. She enjoys learning psychology and is fascinated by the effects creativity can have on the human body.

The name of the studio, “Us and Art”, comes from what Hammerstad called his home studio.

“When I started, I was joking with my husband and said, ‘I’m going to call it Unicorns Sprinkles and Art.’ He said, ‘Why not?’ We kept that name for a while,” Hammerstad said. “As I started growing and being able to expand for older kids and adults, we shortened the name. We also thought it fully incorporated how we feel about art – that it’s all of us.

The location of the new studio is perfect, according to Hammerstad. She was looking for a space before the COVID-19 pandemic, but couldn’t find the right one. Then, this place became free. “It’s amazing to be right in the heart of the city. We had so many people stop and say they couldn’t believe we were here.

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