New Abby Modell Galaxy collection at Art Market Hamptons

Abby Modell launches her new solo exhibition, Galaxy Collection, August 11-14 at Art Market Hamptons in Bridgehampton. The Galaxy Collection offers viewers a scintillating experience with three-dimensional murals and large sculptural objects. Shimmering, swirling star formations are restructured with a unique focus on refracted light and modern shapes.

Modell is a well-known and acclaimed glass artist who works in New York to create her extraordinary and thought-provoking pieces. She has been creating beautiful mouth-blown glasses since 2008. Galaxy Collectionthe artist merges design, color, shape, texture and light to express the complexity and beauty of the universe.

Abby Modell “Starburst Crackle Moon Phases” (assembly of glass mirrors, 10′ x 10′)Courtesy of Abby Modell

She often looks outside of an earthly lens and showcases her curiosity for entities beyond Earth in her work. His featured work, “LightWave Waterfall”, for example, was inspired by the possibility of waterfalls on other planets. This question was artistically presented through an 11′ x 7′ shaded glass assemblage, which is a combination of fire polished mirror, Swarovski crystal and glass panels in pastel colors saturated with cosmic watercolor hues, with tidal waves cascading over a canvas of glass.

Besides his current exhibition, Modell’s work has been featured at the 1st International Biennial Heclectik – Art Glass in Portugal, Scope Miami, Art New York, SOFA Chicago, Market Art + Design at Nova’s Ark at Water Mill and Architectural Digest Design Show at NYC.

Abby Modell
Abby Modell “Dichroic Starburst Swirl” (glass mirror assembly, 5′ x 5′)Courtesy of Abby Modell

His work has also been exhibited in private homes, corporate collections, and museums, including Morgan Stanley World Headquarters in Manhattan, the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, the Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA, and the 1st International Biennale of Santorini, Greece. Collections commissioned include Bloomingdale’s New York vacation windows, Royal Caribbean International’s Symphony of the Seas luxury cruise ship and New York’s Fabergé Big Egg Hunt.

Some of his most notable works include his Celestial whirlwind 2018 exhibition, sa Star champagne exhibition of 2019, its star crack 2020 exhibition, and its Lunar craters exhibition of 2020. A selection of his divine pieces can be found at various auction houses across the United States, giving enthusiasts of his work a chance to display it in their personal spaces.

Abby Modell
“Dichroic Starburst Series” by Abby Modell (assembly of glass mirrors, 6′ x 8.5′)Courtesy of Abby Modell

In all of its projects, Modell partners with a certified zero waste sustainable glass finishing studio that is committed to reducing the environmental impact on our planet. By recirculating applied glass in many of her pieces during their creation, she helps honor and preserve the Earth and her many resources.

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Abby Modell "Dichroic light wave" (assembly of glass on a marble base, 36
“Dichroic LightWave” by Abby Modell (glass assembly on marble base, 36″ x 20″ x 10″)Courtesy of Abby Modell
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