Mykola Khodorovsky at the Hamptons Art Market

Art Market Hamptons will return to the Hamptons for the twelfth edition in August 2022. The first Art Market will be held August 11-14 at Water Mill. It will include 85 leading galleries, several of which are located in the East End, as well as Nova’s Ark Project & Sculpture Garden.

One of the artists in attendance this year is Mykola Fine Art’s Mykola Khodorovsky, a multi-talented painter, who traveled from Florida for the planned event in the Hamptons. He talked more about his works, his influences, and what attendees can expect from the Hamptons Art Market starting this Thursday!

How did you start painting and what were your first influences?

MK: I was born in Ukraine in 1969. I never planned on becoming an artist, but throughout my life I have had hobbies of photography and diving. I used to take thousands of underwater photos traveling all over the world and even published a book about diving in Egypt. I ran a large wholesale business in Ukraine, and in 2011 I took a vacation and wintered in Miami. I loved it so much, so I decided to move there. I couldn’t help but take pictures of the beautiful nature around me. In 2014, I met my future wife, Mila. She insisted that I go to the professional school of photography where I graduated in 2015. Then she offered to print my photos on large canvases, it looked awesome. Later we tried aluminum prints, and it was even better. Mila said, why don’t we sell it? And so, we started to participate in art exhibitions. I was very surprised when we sold the first piece. I was so happy. The city where I live, Sunny Isles Beach, FL, has honored me 5 times as top photographer and has put my photos on the cover of magazines and calendars. Anyway, I was short of money and photography couldn’t feed us. One day Mila started painting with blue acrylic and she tried to copy my underwater photo. I joined her. It was exciting! Later I tried to paint myself, and since then I haven’t stopped.

How would you describe your style?

MK: I paint American flags and abstract ocean inspired acrylic pieces on handcrafted wood panels in gold frames. All my works are covered with epoxy resin and sometimes I mix epoxy, acrylic and other solutions. The golden frame is my signature, like a red sole on the designer’s shoes.

Is your art a form of self-expression?

MK: Painting is my life. I wake up in the morning and go to bed thinking about my next work. I put my soul into every piece I create.

What future for your career as an artist?

MK: My dream is to open my own gallery dedicated to my collection of American flags.

What are you most looking forward to working with Art Market Hamptons and what can attendees expect?

MK: At Art Market Hamptons, my works will be featured by Kedria Arts, another Ukrainian-born fantasy artist who creates unique shimmering crystal sculptures recreating the shapes of the loveliest animals. I’m proud to be on such a team of creators and managers to showcase our art to Hamptons society!

Mykola looks forward to meeting those in attendance this weekend and discussing her art with the Hamptons community!

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