“More Visitors” to BI Art Studio Tour

Art lovers turned out for the 39th Self-Guided Tour of Bainbridge Island Summer Studios from August 12-14, which featured 38 artists across four studios.

Compared to 2021, which was the tour’s first year since the start of COVID-19, the number of artists exhibiting did not reach the pre-pandemic number of 56, but tour director Dinah Satterwhite said “I feel like we had even more visitors than last year.”

The studio tour featured a variety of handmade items ranging from garden art, watercolors, jewelry, pottery, molten glass, wearable art, metal sculpture, Indian ink, mixed media and photography. Recognized for offering original and handcrafted works of art made by sworn artists, tour participants meet visitors to share their passion for art, techniques and also offer the opportunity to discuss commissioned pieces or works. personalized.

Two participants, aptly named “Two Birds in a Pod,” are husband and wife duo Doug and Bianca West. Doug makes birdhouses from moss, mushrooms and lichen, and reclaimed wood, driftwood, tree branches and rocks to create unique pieces. Bianca also uses recycled materials to make market bags, pillows and upcycled art from burlap coffee sacks.

Many artists participate year after year, and Satterwhite encourages the public to “revisit the tour every year to see the artists. They’re always doing new things, and it’s really good that customers keep coming back because the artists are always developing.

Next summer is the 40th anniversary, and the band is planning some special things. The next studio tour will take place from December 2 to 4. Visit www.bistudiotour.com to find out more.

Metal artist Rob Satterwhite of Metal, Water, Fire talks to visitors in his studio tent.

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