Making Waves Art Studio brings creative passion to Parkside

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) – There’s a cool new space right across from the Buffalo Zoo offering kids, adults and families a creative outlet and a break from the daily grind. It sounds good ? Well, Making Waves Art Studio on Parkside Avenue might be the place for you.

“I find that art creates a connection through people making art together,” says Katie Hujer, owner of Making Waves Art Studio. “I want to see lots of smiling faces. Once they’ve participated, I want them to feel at home and right in the moment.”

Make waves Art Studio

Visitors of all ages can participate in a variety of creative projects at the Making Waves Art Studio

The art studio offers a variety of classes and workshops. And also “Drop In” art making sessions where families can simply stop, take a break from the screens and let their creativity run free. “I find that children who make art are generally very happy,” adds Hujer.

Make waves Art Studio inside

Make waves Art Studio

Making Waves Art Studio has several different workspaces for the young and young at heart to explore their creativity.

Making Waves Art Studio is an exciting project for Hujer who grew from art teacher to stay-at-home mom to entrepreneur.

“I taught for ten years in total. Then I was going to stay home for a year when I had my first baby. Then I had a second baby, then a third baby, all in thirty- six months. So I decided with my husband that it was time for a transition. Then the pandemic hit. So I stayed home for a few more years. During the pandemic, I was inspired to start do something with my passion, my expertise and my experience,” said Hujer.

Make waves Art Studio

Jeff Wick

Making Waves Art Studio opened in April and offers art classes and workshops for all ages at 285 Parkside Avenue in Buffalo.

This inspiration led Hujer to create art boxes for families during the pandemic that she sold online, as well as at local markets and festivals. She now ships them across the country via a subscription service. And that focus on enrichment activities carries over to Making Waves.


Jeff Wick

7 News Anchor Jeff Russo and owner Katie Hujer show their work at Making Waves Art Studio

“I started taking oil painting and drawing lessons when I was five years old. In the same way, I took lessons in a studio from an early age. It always made part of my identity. I wanted to share with others. I went into art. Now I hope to recreate that for the kids in Buffalo,” Hujer said.

Making Waves Art Studio is hosting several art camps for kids this summer. The space is also available for birthday parties.

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