KNTV unveils new state-of-the-art studio

NBC Bay Area (KNTV San Jose, Calif.) has unveiled a new news studio that it says “enhances the viewer’s experience and enhances their connection with audiences across digital and live platforms.”

“Improving our connection to our viewers has been the driving force behind this project,” said Stacy Owen, President and CEO of NBC Bay Area and Telemundo 48 (KSTS). “It’s about advancing the idea of ​​a news studio, bringing the public into our home and delivering news and information with clarity and impact.”

The studio, which is integrated into the station’s content center, spans 2,600 square feet and features a “sleek, open design, state-of-the-art technology that augments storytelling, a modern anchor desk, and a work area.” ‘interview, and multiple standing slots designed for movement and flexibility,’ according to the station.

“We’re excited to take our live and digital news presentation to the next level with a modern, seamless new look,” said Stephanie Adrouny, vice president of news at NBC Bay Area. “Like our storytelling, our new storytelling space is unique, sophisticated and mission-driven, providing the best viewing experience for our audience.”

The new studio, located in the heart of Silicon Valley at the station’s headquarters in San Jose, is designed by Jack Morton Worldwide.

Some of the new features include:

  • An invitation to the press room. The new 2,600 square foot studio spans the joint NBC Bay Area and Telemundo 48 newsroom, placing viewers at the center of the station’s cross-platform content engine. The openness of the studio to the newsroom also allows immediate communication from presenters to the editorial office and other content creators.
  • Presentation of news in 3D. Built by Emmy Award-winning television stage maker blackwalnut, the studio’s sleek, minimalist style emphasizes storytelling for the audience through state-of-the-art tools: a video wall, a interactive touchscreen and a first in local news: an above-and-below display area that makes three-dimensional storytelling possible.
  • Cross-platform flexibility. The studio area gives presenters and journalists the ability to reach audiences specifically on mobile and OTT platforms. The station’s OTT newscast, TheFast forwardwill be presented from the new dual-screen area and the touch wall will allow viewers to interact on the station’s social platforms.
  • The new equipment is more efficient and durable. Reduced energy consumption with walls of LED monitors in each area and 5600K LED lighting throughout. A new ceiling-tracking in-ceiling camera provides a more open floor space allowing presenters to move around more freely.

Eight newscasts will be broadcast from the new KNTV studio: Today in the bay, NBC Bay Area News at 11, NBC Bay Area News at 5, NBC Bay Area News at 5:30 a.m., NBC Bay Area News at 6, NBC Bay Area News Tonight, NBC Bay Area News at 11 and The Fast Forward. In addition, public affairs programming and other informational programming will come from the NBC Bay Area studio.

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