Funding allows Kāpiti Art Studio to enter more exhibitions

Kapiti Art Studio members from left, Edward Hoffman, Matthew Nordberg, Erena Wylie, Tamzin Hine, Debbie Holland, Gabrielle Ashdown, John Jensen and Christian Martin, in front.

New funding for Kāpiti Art Studio has enabled its artists to participate in art exhibitions, not only in Kāpiti but in the national art community, helping to achieve its goal of breaking down barriers of isolation.

Funding through the Te Tahua Whakahaumaru Creative Arts Recovery and Employment (CARE) Fund allowed the studio to be open more often and provided more resources to help artists regularly exhibit their work.

Last week, the studio discovered that 10 of its artists had had their work accepted into Nelson’s RAW 22.

RAW 22 aims to showcase work created by people across New Zealand who have no formal or traditional artistic training expressing the individuality and inventiveness that is “RAW” – uncooked by cultural and artistic influences.

Kāpiti Art Studio coordinator Rebecca Bond said: “The excitement in the studio was on a high when we found out they had arrived.

“This is the first time we have entered this exhibition because the funding has made it possible, we now have the time and the resources to do so.”

Each year, the studio participates in the IHC Art Awards and is delighted to participate in a new exhibition.

“It’s really inspiring and exciting for everyone.

“The fact that we are participating not only in our wider community, but also in the national community, really helps us break down the barriers of isolation that so many of our artists face.

“As a country we have all been through what isolation was like recently when we were in lockdown and for many of our artists it is their daily life.

“Some have to rely on people just to get them out of bed and/or drive them to their destination.

“That’s what makes Kāpiti Art Studio so valuable and necessary because it’s all-inclusive and accessible.”

Rebecca, along with art tutor and administrator Sarah Shaw, worked hard to shake up as much as possible for the group of artists.

The funding has opened many doors for them with events and exhibitions planned for the group, although some are on hold as Covid-19 restrictions continue to cancel events.

They were scheduled to compete this week in the Kāpiti Summer Series, which was canceled, as well as the Puppet Street Party at CupaDupa in March, which was also just canceled.

Also at this stage, the group is making an installation for the PARK(ing) day organized by the Wellington Sculpture Trust on March 4th.

“We always remain optimistic that we can support our artists even in these uncertain times with Covid-19, because art is about bringing life and becoming creative even in the most difficult of circumstances.

“In my personal experience, creativity is what keeps us going and makes us smile.”

Kāpiti Art Studio artists in RAW 22

Mathew Nordberg, I See Red, saucers on canvas

• Edward Hoffman, Raw, toothpicks and foam

• John Jensen, Kea, acrylic on canvas

• Erena Wylie, Lotus, acrylic on canvas

Claire Hargreaves ‘Life’ acrylic on canvas

Stacey Menzies ‘Sister’ acrylic on board

Charlotte Turner ‘Circles’ acrylic on canvas

Gabrielle Ashdown ‘Canaries’ acrylic on panel

Christian Martin ‘Self-portrait’ acrylic on paper

Debbie Holland ‘Ostrich’ acrylic on board

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