Everything You Need To Know About ARTBYTAY + Pain Freakz Body-Art Studio

Meet local artist and entrepreneur Devonte Holt. (Tira Davis / Bham Now)

Birmingham artists bring The Magic City to life. Get to know Devonte Holt (ARTBYTAY), the owner and head tattoo artist of Pain Freakz Body-Art Studio at Five Points West. Learn more about Holt’s artistic journey in Birmingham and find out how Pain Freakz appeared on today’s Small Business Monday.

An atmosphere for creative people

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Holt also goes through ArtByTay. (Tira Davis / Bham now)

Holt is a local artist who brings his designs to life not only on paper, but also on skin. He made multiple connections to his community through art and noticed that there were a lot of talented creative people in the west side of Birmingham. After this realization, Holt wanted to create a professional atmosphere for these artists.

He opened Pain Freakz Body-Art Studio in his hometown about four years ago to make it a reality.

“We called it (the store) Body-Art Studio because we did more than tattoos. We are a creative team and we didn’t want to be locked into the stereotypes of just being a tattoo shop.

Devonte Holt, owner of Pain Freakz body art studio

Holt told us that along the way, he learned there would be ups and downs, but he should never give up and keep moving forward. The Body Art Shop is a place where all the creatives in the community come together. Holt therefore finds it important to work hard with his company and his brand, not only for himself, but also for his team and those who look up to him.

“My goal is to continue to grow and inspire others. I want to create opportunities for other artists like me and teach them how to be successful while giving back to the city that shows us love.

Devonte Holt, owner of Pain Freakz body art studio

devon holt
Looking for cool streetwear? (Tira Davis / Bham Now)

Holt also owns her own clothing brand called STRAPPED BRAND. He took what he called “a leap of faith” and launched his brand around the same time his studio opened. STRAPPED BRAND offers urban streetwear for men and women.

The fashion line offers:

  • Jackets
  • Graphic Tees
  • Hoodies
  • Jogging sets
  • Hats

STRAPPED BRAND merchandise is available at Pain Freakz Body-Art Studio and online.

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