Downtown Lafayette Art Studio Opens ‘Little Free Art Gallery’ | New

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – A downtown Lafayette art studio has a new gallery. This one is smaller than you might expect. However, the owner says she hopes it will have a big impact on people who see it.

The “Free Little Art Gallery” opened in front of Flourish Studio and Classroom on June 2. The concept is similar to the small free libraries in town. People can bring a work of art to display and share with others. They can also take an object out of the thumbnail gallery to keep.

Flourish owner Amanda Kennedy says she got the idea from social media. Other cities in the country are also seeing these galleries appear.

Artist Charlie Renee helped maintain the gallery. They say a postcard someone left in the gallery highlights the impact it can have.

“On the back was a postage stamp and a little sticker that said, ‘Send this to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while,'” Renee said. “Beautiful moments of interaction within the community [are] really great to see here.”

As for the security concerns regarding the small gallery, Kennedy says it’s a bet artists need to take.

“It’s kind of a part of public art is that you have to be willing to share it and risk it all,” Kennedy said. “Whatever it looks like, it must suit you.”

The main message that Kennedy hopes people will take away from this new space – art is for everyone.

“Everyone is an artist,” Kennedy said. “It’s not just for people who call themselves that title. Literally anyone can make art, anyone can share it, and anyone can enjoy it.”

The gallery is located at 514 Main Street in downtown Lafayette. The public can access it at any time of the day and place all kinds of works of art there. Kennedy also says she hopes there may be more small free art galleries in her studio and others in the area in the future.

Learn more about Flourish Studio and Classroom’s “Little Free Art Gallery” here.

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