Creativity and therapy collide at St. Pete’s Art Studio

A St. Petersburg art studio offers clients a therapeutic experience while bringing out their creative side.

Practically, Pikasso is above all a painting and pottery workshop, but it has many ways of being artistic.

“We also do hand construction in clay, we do acrylic casting, and we’ve done mosaics and stained glass,” explained Lynn Webb, owner of Practically Pikasso. “We try to focus on fire arts, things that have to go into a kiln and give you a really deep kind of artistic experience.”

All clay courses and workshops begin with a block of clay.

“We’ll hand you a piece of clay and then walk you through it step by step,” Webb said. “It’s great, really for all ages.”

It can also be therapeutic for all ages.

“Kids love the tactile experience,” she said. “It’s a great therapeutic experience for anyone who is older and may have dexterity issues. Arthritis of the fingers does very well with the clay because it’s very flexible.”

The staff will help everyone from beginners to advanced, but often say that the things people find on their own, even when they think they have no artistic ability, are pretty amazing.

“I think people love the opportunity to express themselves, to try new things,” Webb said. “People got really creative, especially after the pandemic, people really started exploring their creative side and looking for an outlet for some kind of therapy. Just get away from things, clear your mind.”

Some people will work on a piece for days and some will do it after picking out a few special glazes and no two pieces are the same.

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