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Valentine’s Day is next Monday! Have you marked a date yet? Did you receive your gift? No pressure, there is still time. At Hallandale Beach, a romantic and creative date idea includes the gift.

Well, if you’re lucky in love and want to get intimate with your significant other in a group setting…

OK, maybe not what it looks like. An art studio helps you recreate all that romance from the “Ghost” movie.

What is hot and humid?

Ugh, that looks good. No, I mean, the Valentine’s Day Couples Pottery Classes at Mercado Art Studio in Hallandale Beach.

Dorandy Mercado: “They learn the basics of pottery. They can make a vase. They can make a bowl. They can make a cup.

And since it’s scientifically impossible to spin wheels without mentioning the movie “Ghost,” they’ll even play the fantasy thriller on this TV.

Ricky Pizzi: “It’s a classic romantic movie.”

Of course, alcohol and snacks won’t hurt either.

Alex Miranda: “Carmen, what’s going on?”

Carmen: “I think it was the wine.”

Speaking of what…

Alex Miranda: “What are the right clothes to wear, by the way, for a pottery class?”

Angela Colier: “Anything that’s comfortable and you don’t mind getting dirty.”

But what about this clay?

Alex Miranda: “It’s a bit sultry, isn’t it?”

Angela Colier: “Yeah, let’s not go.

These are two-hour beginner classes at four and seven this Monday.

Alex Miranda: “Hey, Jeanette, that looks pretty good.”

Jeanette Pressman: “Oh, my God, I don’t know.”

They will even encourage you to love birds…

Angie Herrera: “We’re going to be 10 months.”

Ricky Pizzi: “In two days.

Angie Herrera: “We actually met on Tinder.”

…to recreate the iconic scene.

Dorandy Mercado: “I think it’s cute. We never get tired of it. We love doing it.

But seriously…

Alex Miranda: “Dory, what are you doing here?

And, pro tip: Casting is easier when you’re careful. However, nothing Angela can’t fix.

Angela Colier: “It shrinks here as it should, and it’s even.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Alex Miranda: “I think I could use it as a bonbonniere, tote, or good, why not? A cup holder.

So it doesn’t matter what you’re dating.

Jeanette Pressman: “It all comes together really, really well at the end.”

At least you’re going home with someone.

Tickets are $80 per person and come with everything.

Jeanette Pressman: “It was so much fun, then having your spouse there and ending up with a really cute thing to take home, I loved it.”

To book one of two Valentine’s Day pottery classes, click here.

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