Berkley Street Art Fest will turn downtown into an outdoor art studio

Tia Graham

Art lovers rejoice. On On Saturday, downtown Berkley is set to transform into an outdoor art studio for the Berkley Street Art Fest. From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., chalk artists will create colorful street art with a chance to win prizes.

The fair will feature a closed street environment for residents and visitors to experience the city.

The fair will feature a closed street environment for residents and visitors to experience the city.

Chalk will be provided and visitors can choose a spot on the sidewalk to create artwork that will be on display until it rains.

The Berkley Street Art Fest is all about raising awareness of “good” products, items that are made to benefit the communities they serve. The Shop for Good Village was featured at the street art fair last year. It is recycled and recycled items that are ethically produced global products, such as vegan or organic products.

Darlene Rothman, executive director of the Berkley Area Chamber of Commerce, says items produced in the Shop for Good Village are designed to have a lasting impact.

“It’s a whole new level of engagement and conversation that I think audiences walk away from feeling empowered and more heartfelt, in addition to coming in for a fun day to see and participate in the art.”

One of the artists participating in this year’s Shop for Good Village is Angie Schultz of Michigan-owned Better Way Designs. Her company works to help women get out of trafficking and find stability.

Schultz says it feels good to be part of the Shop for Good Village.

“The more we sell, the more women we can hire. Whenever we can get our name and our products out there, the better. »

Photos courtesy of Kamryn Lowler, Account Executive for Catalyst Media Factory

Listen: Darlene Rothman and Angie Schultz talk about this year’s festival and its importance to Metro Detroit’s arts community.

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