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Online artist residency covers make a lot of sense these days. Whether you’re the performer or the viewer, there are positives associated with its expansive and instantaneous capabilities.

Belgrade Art Studio Residency will select artists from various mediums from around the world to participate in a 4-week online residency.

Selected artists will create artwork that responds to their “artist-in-waiting” experience due to global pandemics. The program focused on the individual creation of the work in addition to collaboration with other artists, advisors and the public.

WHAT 4 weeks of creation and collaborative work LANGUAGE English APPOINTMENT 2021 DURATION OF MEETINGS 3 hours each week GROUP WORK MEETINGS According to the availability of each participant COSTS Please contact us for more information [email protected]


‘artist pending’

With much of the world isolated, artists are unable to participate in the community and traditional residencies are barely functioning.

The artists will interpret the current situation – the transformation of life, culture, art… Can we understand it as a response to our previous actions? Or is this a new opportunity?

Mobility restrictions create both alienation and entanglement. What opportunities and what obstacles does the virtual space generate? How is creation redefined?

We are looking for ideas and projects that want to experiment with form, content, virtuality and reality.

Our online residence:

– as a residency, it offers its participants the time and (mental) space to produce new works;
– as a seminar, it offers theoretical and conceptual resources that can be used by participants in their own practice;
– as a collaborative program, it connects people from different corners of the planet with diverse practices and working in different environments. The program creates a strong sense of community and artistic collaboration among its participants that lasts after the program ends.

Belgrade Art Studio will help its participants to:

– Overcome this limbic moment in their practice and gain productive momentum.
– Join forces and work with their peers, either collaboratively or individually through mutual feedback.
– Make the most of the temporary transition between study practice and creative/productive online formats.
– Access a new international and specialized audience.
– Build an international network of colleagues and peers, with whom future projects can then flourish.


For 4 weeks, the artist will join other artists to create works of art that cater to ‘waiting artists’. The program manager will interview artists and post progress on social media to raise global awareness and archive this unique moment in history. At the end of the residency, the artists will participate in an online screening and a live panel discussion.

In addition, artists will be put in contact with other artists to guide and advise them throughout the program.


Over the course of the 4-week program, artists will produce work that responds to the ‘artist-in-waiting’ theme. Artists will be able to collaborate with each other and engage online.


The program is not a full-time residency. The artists will have the majority of the time to continue their work. There will be conversations, events, panel discussions, etc. throughout the 4 weeks, which the artists will have to attend.


The final product of the residency will require an artwork that can be shown and viewed online. During the program, the team would also follow your process and have an overview of iterations, sketches, work product and your workspace.


At the end of the residency, the program team will organize an online viewing and a round table around the work created. This will be moderated by the program advisors, who will also comment on the work.


The program manager will be available to you during the residency and will be a facilitator between the artists and the program manager, available to critique and discuss your process.

We will communicate through digital tools and use platforms such as Zoom to share the works and their feedback. You will need a phone or computer and an internet connection, of course.


The ability to collaborate and interact with English is preferred as the program will be conducted in English. However, we do not want this to be a limiting factor for your participation.

We are happy to provide additional information about online residency – program, plan, fees. Please email us at [email protected] if you need our help.

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