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For 4 weeks, the artist will join other artists to create works of art that cater to “waiting artists”. The program manager will interview artists and post progress on social media to raise global awareness and archive this unique moment in history. At the end of the residency, the artists will participate in an online screening and a live panel discussion.

In addition, artists will be put in contact with other artists to guide and advise them throughout the program.

Artists and creatives from backgrounds such as, but not limited to: visual arts, music, theater, dance, film, writing, design, photography, digital/interactive art, games, fashion and architecture, Conservatives, Thinkers etc., which are:

  • You seek to integrate knowledge and acquire new tools
  • Eager to establish an international network of colleagues and professionals with whom to nurture each other
  • Seek new ways to approach their practice and adapt to new global times
  • Having difficulty advancing their artistic production after months of isolation and lack of contact with the artistic community
  • Struggling to find the motivation to boost their projects

If you would like to apply, please send us your resume, CV, statement as well as your portfolio and motivation to [email protected] No application fees

For more information visit Belgrade Art Studio

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