Beanstalk Art Studio and Gallery to start offering painting lessons

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HENSALL — As artist Robert Johnson prepares to open Beanstalk Art Studio and Gallery for the season, he plans to share what he’s learned over the years with new budding painters.

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The gallery, which first opened last year, features works painted by Johnson, a self-taught painter who has mastered his art for 30 years. Johnson’s work draws inspiration from diverse locations ranging from the Muskokas to Key West Florida.

“I grew up still loving to draw and paint,” Johnson said. “Next thing you know, I was an artist. I don’t have a fancy art degree or anything like that.

Johnson said he hopes to be ready to open the gallery on May 18, when he also hopes to start offering painting classes on Wednesday evenings.

“I’m looking forward to it because I want to share my skills with people who want to get creative, get into painting, and develop their artistic abilities,” Johnson said. “I also look forward to meeting cool people and providing a fun night out.”

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Although Johnson said he had lived in many places, he decided to settle in Hensall when the opportunity to move into the historic former Odd Fellows Hall in King Street presented itself.

“We love the look of this building,” he said. “It seemed a lot more interesting than your average little house.”

“So far we kinda like it,” he added. “Hensall is not the most exciting town in the world, but there is no crime, there is no traffic. The Greater Toronto Area is crazy, and here it’s the complete opposite. I love all these historic towns around it. They all have their beautiful little historic town centers. I love old architecture and Huron County is just a gem for that.

Johnson said his love for old architecture often showed in his work, and he enjoyed painting old buildings.

“It’s one of my favorite things,” he said.

Following the success of the Arts, Eats and Beats Studio Tour in 2021, Johnson said he is looking forward to this year’s spring tour, May 14-15. The tour invites art lovers to take a peek at what local artists have been working on, and many tour artists open their studios to the public.

“It was awesome,” he said. “You must definitely meet locals who are passionate about art and curious to see what’s going on.”

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