Anticipating Art: The Chamberlain Art Market is Coming Soon | Features

The UTC student-run Art Market will take over Chamberlain Field for the second time on October 7 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This market is not exclusive to UTC students: in fact, anyone in the Chattanooga area can attend. This event will be hosted by local students Tayla Grisham and Anna Huss. Grisham and Huss thought of this idea after hearing a lesson in art markets and wanted to give their classmates a chance.

“We both thought it would be really cool to have an on-campus art market run by students for students,” Grisham said. “We accept almost all students, so this is a great starting point for anyone trying to sell their art.”

During this art market, students and locals will have the chance to support local artists at a time when they need it most: the main objective is that UTC students not only earn money, but make a name for themselves in the artistic community.

“A challenge I face as an artist is selling art, but events like this help,” said salesperson and student Abigail Demeo.

With over thirty vendors attending the event, there is expected to be strong attendance as there are more vendors participating compared to last semester.

“I really liked the first market, so I decided to join again this year,” said former student salesman Izzy Dillon. “Today, my inspiration is to follow my passion for art and do what I love.”

Vendors will display a range of products, such as unique earrings, prints, stickers and bags.

This market continues to bring real-life experience and more publicity for Moc artists, all from the comfort of Chamberlain Grounds.

By far, finding a career in art is the common goal for many of these students; it is their dream. Therefore, if we students, locals too, could contribute to help these artists realize their dream, it would mean a lot to them.

“Community-led events like this bring people together and give artists a connection to rely on when we really need it,” Dillon said. “Having the support of others facing similar challenges is always helpful, as it really shows you that you are not alone in pursuing art.”

While art may not be your thing, consider stopping by the art market next Friday between classes, or perhaps when you have some free time. You may not know what you will find there or which artists you will meet.

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