Month: February 2021

Is this the next art market bubble? A Unique NFT For The Popular GIF ‘Nyan Cat’ Has Just Sold For A Low $560,000

The creator of the very popular Nyan Cat GIF decided to celebrate its 10th anniversary by auctioning off a digital asset known as NFT, a non-fungible token. The sale, organized by the new NFT Market Foundation, brought in a whopping 300 ETH – that’s for the blockchain called Ethereum – or the USD equivalent of […]

How craftsmanship became a force in the art market

The line between fine arts and craftsmanship has been blurring for decades. Once closely watched by art historians, curators and critics – who, as scholar Terry Smith once said, generally dismissed craftsmanship as “intimately associated with the hand, with the touch”, everything by associating art with more engaging activities such as “ideas, suggestions, concepts”. – […]

Art dealer Chantal Crousel talks the inside story of the Parisian art market and why she is now passing the reins to the next generation

Nothing predestined Chantal Crousel to become one of the most successful gallery owners in Paris. Born in Belgium, the daughter of a bank manager, Crousel was working in Brussels as a secretary in a forklift company when, one day, she saw a drawing by Man Ray in a shop window. This fortuitous acquisition prompted Crousel […]

Richmond Art Studio helps people with disabilities stay connected during the pandemic

When the pandemic forced the closure of day programs for people with developmental disabilities, some quickly turned to virtual activities. In Richmond, a progressive art studio keeps its artists with intellectual disabilities connected.Click the play button above to listen to this story. “I actually love being online, even though I miss all my friends from […]

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