Famous artists who donate to charity organizations


Charity organizations bring their contribution every day to making lives better for millions of people, among which many of them are children. On a global level, the number of these organizations and the work they do makes a real difference.

However, all of this would not be possible without the donations constantly given in every corner of the world. Artists have also come together and made impressive charity work throughout time, bringing their contribution and providing real opportunities for young and talented people.

Music artists

Of course, famous music artists are the first ones that come to our mind when we think about consistent donations and charity work that sustains new talent.

Taylor Swift is one such example. In August 2016, when 13 people died, and 146,000 homes were destroyed in one of the worst floods ever seen in the state of Louisiana, she quickly donated 1 million dollars to those affected, and a further 50,000 to a food bank in Baton Rouge.

In 2003, the famous blues, R&B and soul musician Ray Charles donated ‘1 million dollars to the Dillard University in New Orleans, to create a new course on black culture covering every area from music, food, and art, to literature and more.

However, this was not a first for Ray Charles. In 2002, he donated 2 million dollars to the Albany State University in his hometown of Albany, Georgia, while in 2000, the Wilberforce University in Ohio also received a donation of 2 million dollars.

Dr. Dre is also such an example. He has consistently given back to Compton, the southern Los Angeles city where he first started with N.W.A. In June 2017, he gave $10m towards building a performing arts center at the new Compton High School.

The artist stated that his goal is to provide kids with the tools and learning they deserve. The performing arts center aims to be a place for young people to be creative in a way that helps further their education and maybe even define their future.


Australian star Hugh Jackman provides educational and entrepreneurial opportunities to those in need of a boost. The Laughing Man Foundation aims to change lives by spreading “personal initiative, collective action, and community awareness”.

After achieving tremendous success with the Harry Potter series, actor and Global Goodwill Ambassador of UN Women Emma Watson led a worldwide campaign to transform the way we look at feminism.

The campaign is powered by the United Nations and it calls upon people of all genders to stand together in the pursuit of equal rights for all. Watson’s star power has given the campaign a significant push as #heforshe is prompting important conversations throughout the world.


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